Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest is a homegrown festival in the works. This is a new breed of chantfest co-created by artists, teachers, and YOU to bring the heart-opening bhava to the Midwest. This is a festival for the people, by the people. It honors the wallahs, musicians, and teachers who nourish our souls and gives back to a worth charity.
Yoga There will be many different yoga teachers to presenting different styles of yoga helping go further in your yoga journey. Try new styles, connect with new people, and deepen your practice!
Kirtan Sing your heart out with some of the best Kirtan wallahs from around the Midwest, across the U.S and internationally! Find new music and make new friends!
Copyright 2017 Divine Mother Productions
Featuring Pre-festival intensive with Sean Johnson - Thursday, Sept 20th Post-festival breathwork teacher training with Michael Brian Baker on Sunday, Sept 23rd!
Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest Thurs, Sept 20th - Sat, 22nd  2018 Jefferson County Fairgrounds   Jefferson, WI